African and Middle Eastern very first NFT Marketplace

Visqore Finance is the first Defi ecosystem in Africa and the Middle East which includes the Qore token, the Visqore dex, NFT Marketplace , Visqore Wallet and the Visqoverse..

  • The safety of the platform is our top priority
  • Visqore yearns to grow an exuberant community
  • Visqore provides a fair competing ground for every artist

The Qore Token

Majestically minted from the purest form of gold and molded into sovereignty, the QORE token stands at the pinnacle of all Cryptocurrencies.


Token Name

200 Million

Maximum Supply

4 Million

Private Sale (2%)

8 Million

Presale (4%)

78 Million

Sold to Public (39%)

30 Million

Marketing & operation (15%)

10 Million

DEX Liquidity (5%)

10 Million

Reserve (5%)

30 Million

Community Minting (15%)

30 Million

Team Funds (15%)

Road Map

We vow to follow this Roadmap to the end.

Private Sale

Token Creation (BEP 20)

Presale Offering

Qore Token Launch

Coin Marketcap and CoinGecko Listings

Visqore Company Registration

Strategic Marketing

Social Media Campaigns

DEX initiation

NFT Creators whitelist (50)

Influencer Partnership Deals

ERC 721 & 1155 Smart Contracts

Test Net

NFT Marketplace Launch

Website Updates

Community Reward Drops

NFT Marketplace Partnerships

Visqore NFT Collection Launch

Visqoreverse Development

Buy-Back and burns

Company Partnerships

Worldwide digital Marketing

Visqore Wallet App Beta

Visqore Wallet Launch

Community Games & Rewards

Second NFT Collection Launch

Visqore Foundation Launch

Worldwide Awareness Tour

Binance Listing Application

Binance Listing

NFT Marketplace Expansion & Upgrades

Visqore NFT Marketplace App Launch

Have Any Question ?

Frequency Asked Questions

Visqore Finance is an exhilarating Fintech company that aims to explore and revolutionize the Fintech industry through sectors like Blockchain, NFT, Metaverse, AR/VR and Gaming.

Visqore NFT Marketplace, built on the Binance Smart Chain, provides a seamless platform for NFT dwellers to trade NFTs unprecedentedly.

Built with effective Tokenomics and max supply of 200,000,000, the Qore token is the primary utility currency of the Visqore Finance ecosystem.

This can be used to trade NFTs, vote on Artists and NFT Collections, vote during events, perform transactions in the Visqoverse and much more other utilities to come as Visqore Finance expands. The Qore token was designed to thrive on utility and mass adoption.

The Qore token is a deflationary token in the sense that Visqore Finance will use its quarterly profits to burn Qore tokens until we burn half of the total supply (100,000,000).

Visqore will also buy back tokens sold by team members and burn them. This will boost liquidity in increase the value of the Qore token over time.

The Visqore Decentralized Exchange (Visqorex) will go live sometime within 2022 on the Visqore website. This will enable users to have the option of purchasing the Qore token directly from the Visqore site, at least before we launch the Visqore Wallet App.

The Visqore wallet will go live sometime within 2022. This will house the Visqore Dex, ability to store ERC 721 & ERC 1155 collectibles, etc.

Visqore NFT App will go live ending of 2022. This will make it easier for users to trade NFTs effortlessly from their mobile devices.

Visqoverse is our very own Metaverse. This will implement AR/VR & Blockchain technologies to create a massive open world where users can do anything from hanging out virtually, playing games, trade real estates, go for events etc.

The Qore token will be used as a currency in the Visqoverse. More details on this will be available soon.

Visqore Team

Mr Aleemz

CEO & Founder

Saiful Shuaibu

Co Founder & Chief Operation Officer

Jehoada Storer



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